Each manuscript should be accompanied by a Cover Letter stating that the article is original and unpublished, is being submitted only to this editor and is not being considered for publication at any other journal. The corresponding author must obtain the consent of all the co-authors for the submission of the manuscript. Experiments using animals must adhere to internationally accepted guidelines for the use of animals in research.

The letter should include the corresponding author’s email address, fax, telephone, and complete mailing address.

The accepted manuscript or other contributions will be published in the Print/or Online versions of Scientific Papers Animal Science and Biotechnologies. When the manuscript is accepted for publication, the principal/corresponding Author will be asked to assign the Cover Letter.

The filled and assigned Cover Letter should be submitted, after being scanned, as a supplementary file, along with the final revised form of the manuscript on the Scientific Papers Animal Science and Biotechnologies Journal’s website


„Ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” are indication of scientific dishonesty and all cases will be exposed and adequate institutions will be informed (employers, scientific societies, scientific editors associations, etc.).