Sheep and Goat Farming in Greece: Implications and Challenges for the Sustainable Development of Less Favoured Areas

Evangelia N. Sossidou, Christina Ligda, Ioannis Mastranestasis, Demetrios Tsiokos, Foteini Samartzi


Sheep and goat farming is considered to be one of the most dynamic sectors of the rural economy in Greece, both in terms of employment and overall income. The aim of this paper is to review the levels of sustainability in the small ruminant production systems in two Less Favoured Areas of Greece (LFAs): (1) in the mountainous areas of Epirus, and (2) in the island of Lesvos. In this context, the characteristics of the production systems that have significant impact on the sustainable development of rural areas under study are underlined. The sustainability is examined by the ecological, social and economic points of view, supplemented with cultural and regional elements. The ultimate purpose is to conclude with the challenges for the future rural development in LFAs through the sustainable development of sheep and goat farming. Data is based on surveys undertaken by the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS ‘INDI_SHEEP TRADI_CHEESE’ Project and the ARIMNET ‘DoMEsTIc’ Project, still in process.


Less Favoured Areas, rural development, sheep and goat farming, sustainability, SWOT analysis

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