Genetic Markers Used in Molecular Phylogeny Studies, Research on Endangered Cattle Breeds

Mădălina Alexandra Davidescu, Bianca Maria Mădescu, Andrei Cristian Matei, Ioana Poroșnicu, Andra Sabina Neculai-Văleanu, Mitica Ciorpac, Șteofil Creangă


In molecular phylogenetic analysis, the sequence of a common gene or protein can be used to evaluate the evolutionary relationship of the different cattle breeds. In order to evaluate the evolutionary relationships of different species, phylogenetic analysis is very important. By analyzing some genetic markers, can be deduced the evolution rate and the migration rate of the endangered cattle populations. This paper, aims to review the most important genetic markers, used in molecular phylogeny studies in cattle breeds. Thieu Phan Xuan et. al. studied the phylogenetic relations of Romanian cattle breeds to various other cattle breeds including Bos taurus, Bos indicus (Indian zebu), Bison bison and Bison bonasus, using mtDNA D-loop sequences. All studies concerne to the phylogenetic relashionship of cattle brees, show that the sequences are closely related or have recently diverged.


endangered cattle breeds, phylogenetic analysis, genetic diversity, genetic markers

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