Evaluation the birth weight of calves in selected herds of Slovak spotted cattle

Jozef Bujko, Juraj Candrák, Peter Strapák, Juliús Žitný, Cyril Hrnčár, Ján Koristek


The aim this study was evaluate the birth weight of calves of the Slovak spotted cattle in selected herds according to the year of birth, breeder, period of birth and breed type and to determine the linear relation between birth weight and birth year, month of birth, breed type, breeding conditions, calf father and period of calving. In our measurements, the average weight at birth of 284 evaluated measurements for the years 2012 to 2017 in the three breed type was 46.24 kg. For the breeding environment, breeding type and year of birth we did not achieve statistically conclusive data (P> 0.05). The factor of the month of birth was evaluated as highly provable (P <0.0001) with a determination coefficient of 36.42% and F = 19.70. For father's influence, we achieved a statistically significant value (P <0.0197). The determinant was 27.89%, F = 1.50.


calf birth weight, cattle, coefficient of determination, factors, Slovak spotted cattle

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