Effect of Crossing some Dairy Cattle Breeds with Angus Breed

Monica Parvu, Ioana Cristina Andronie, Violeta Elena Simion, Elena Mitranescu, Laurentiu Tudor


The aim of this study was to evaluate the productive performances of the Holstein x Angus and Angus x Jersey females reared in intensive system. In the period 0-15 months, the highest average daily gain was recorded in the heifers Holstein x Angus, followed by Angus x Jersey. These results showed the genetic power of Angus to transmit this character, both on the paternal line (the most obvious effect) and on the maternal line. In the Holstein x Angus females, the father's influence led to a decrease in the amount of milk. In the Angus x Jersey cows, the milk yield was 30.3% lower, as a result of the paternal influence of the Jersey breed. The percentage of fat was higher in Angus x Jersey females, knowing that Jersey's milk is much fatter (5.5 - 6.5%). The crossbreeding between milk breeds and Angus is recommended for profitability of small farms, because F1 females provide a fairly high milk production, and F1 males can be raised for meat.


crossing, dairy cattle, Angus breed

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