Polymorphism of Blood Serum Protein- Transferrin, Ceruloplasmin, Albumin- in Sheep of Karabakh Breed and the Relationship with the Natural Resistance Towards Epizootic Aphtae

Manvel BADALYAN, Gayane Marmaryan, Yuri MARMARYAN


Polymorphism of Blood Serum Protein - Transferrin, Ceruloplasmin, Albumin- in Sheep of Karabakh Breed and the Relationship With the Natural Resistance Towards Epizootic Aphthae

Manvel Badalyan, Gayane Marmaryan*, Yuri Marmaryan

Armenian National Agrarian University, 74 Teryan St, Yerevan 0009, Armenia


New genetic methods are currently used in selection activities of agricultural animals, based on polymorph genetic determination systems, which, serving as genetic markers, enable studying animal genealogy, alelofon, genotypes. The current study is targeted at the genetic characteristics of Karabakh sheep breed, based on the loci of transferrin (Tf), ceruloplasmin (Cp) and albumin (Al), as well as the relationship with their resistance towards disease epizootic aphtae in order to use the acquired results in selection activities as a test. The result of our research indicate that the loci of Tf, Cp and Al proteins of blood serum in the sheep of Karabakh breed are polymorphic consisting of A, B, C alleles. Tf locus displays eight, and Cp and Al six genotypes. The homozygosity rate of the loci makes 20; 40 and 30%. In case of epizootic aphtae  disease virus circulation, without any characteristic clinical symptoms, high resistance has been observed in the animals with TfAC, TfBB, TfBC, CpAC, CpBC, AlAB, AlBC genotypes, the titer of nonstructural proteins in these animals has made 2,15; 1,6; 5,4; 3,6; 1,4; 5,2 and 5,2%. The results can be used in the selection activities in sheep breeding.

Key words: Albumin, allele, ceruloplasmin, polymorphism, transferrin.


*Corresponding author: Gayane MARMARYAN





albumin; allele; ceruloplasmin; polymorphism; transferrin

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