Particularities on the development of body weight from birth to weaning of the Merino of Cluj lambs

Alexandra Pădurariu, Stelian Dărăban, Vioara Mireșan



The aim of this study was to highlight the body weight development from birth to 28 days and 56 days, of the Merino of Cluj lambs, determined by three main factors, namely: the type of birth, sex lambs and physiological status of the ewes. The study was conducted during 2008-2015 in the SDE UASVM Cluj-Napoca, where they were registered annually: lambs birth weight and gender, type of birth and age of sheeps. Average weight at birth of lambs in 8 years of study was 3,88 ± 0,14 kg and, after statistical analysis were observed significant differences (P≥0,001) depending of the three factors. The evolution of the body weight at birth until weaning was calculated using the indices of growth, and thus it was found that the lambs were made accumulation of body weight daily average of 259,11 ± 2,37 g in the first 28 days after lambing and 222,62 ± 1,33 g in 56 days. In conclusion it can be argued that Merino of Cluj sheep have a potentially high lactogen and lambs have good body development and high capacity by efficient utilization of food.


average daily gain; body weight; lambs; Merino of Cluj

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