Relationship Between Air Ammonia Concentrations and Bedding Hygiene in Dairy Cow Barns

Silvana Popescu, Eva Andrea Diugan, Cristina El Mahdy, Daniela Oros, Carmen Dana Sandru, Cristin Borda


The aim of this paper was the study of the relationship between the air ammonia concentration and the bedding hygiene in dairy cow barns with different housing systems. The study was conducted in 16 dairy farms (8 with tied stalls and 8 with loose housing) inTransylvania, in the cold season. In each farm, the airborne ammonia concentration was measured in the morning and the hygiene of the bedding was assessed. Air temperature, relative humidity and air flow velocity in the barns were determined simultaneously. The data were analyzed using theSPSSstatistical software. The airborne ammonia concentration and the bedding hygiene score had significantly (P > 0.05) higher values in the barns with tie stalls. The ammonia concentration correlated positively with the bedding hygiene score in all the investigated farms. Keeping the bedding clean and dry in the dairy cows’ barns is an important factor in reducing the airborne ammonia concentration. 


ammonia; bedding score; dairy cow

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