Effect of probiotics and humic acid on egg production and internal quality parameters of laying hens eggs

Henrieta Arpášová, Miroslava Kačániová, Veronika Pistová, Branislav Gálik, Martin Fik, Lukáš Hleba


The aim of our experiment was to evaluate the influence of probiotic preparation based on lactobacillus, probiotic preparation based on enterococci or humic acid on egg production and selected internal egg quality parameters of laying hens hybrid Lohman Brown Lite. For housing hens (n ​​= 60) three storey enriched battery cage was used in which hens were divided in groups (n = 15). In the control group of hens complete feed mixtures without any additions were fed. In the first experimental group complete feed mixture was enriched with probiotic lactobacilli based preparation in a dose of 0.5 g.kg-1. In the second experimental group probiotic enterococci based preparation was added to the feed mixture at a dose of 0.5 g.kg-1. The third experimental group was enriched with 0.5% concentration of humic acid. All groups were fed ad libitum. Egg production and egg weight were recorded daily. Complete analysis of the table egg quality was used to evaluate quality parameters: yolk weight (g), yolk index, yolk colour (°HLR), albumen weight (g), Haugh Units (HU), albumen index). The results show that supplementation of feed mixture with both kind probiotics as well as humic acid increased egg production (P>0.05) (values of average intensity of laying in the order of the groups: 90.5; 91.9; 91.6 and 92.3 %). The addition of probiotics also positively influenced egg weight (P>0.05). The qualitative parameters of egg internal content were with probiotics or humic acids addition insignificantly influenced (P>0.05). Doses of supplements used in this study did not significant negatively influenced monitored egg quality parameters. Based on these findings and the beneficial effects of substances on the poultry health confirmed by other authors we recommend use of these substances as supplements to the feed mixtures for laying hens.


laying hens, probiotics, humic acid, egg production, egg quality

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