Study of Aptitudes For The Meat Production of The Tigaie Breed Which is Beeing Raised in the Traditional Pools From the Eastern Part of Romania

Constantin Pascal


The main purpose of the conducted research wes to evaluateas as correctly as possible the potential that the Tigaie breed, situated in different raceways from the east part of Romania, regarding meat production. This way, knowing the level of expression of the main features on which meat production depends, positive premises are created fo developing a technical frame to facilitate change in the desired dirction, of the genetic potential for this production for the sheep of this breed situated in the plateau area of Moldavia. The biological material was represented by the young sheep, males and femals, of Tigaie breed derived from the agricultural holdings situated in Bacau, Vaslui and Vrancea counties. The study of the obtained values shows the that the best performance were made by the lambs from the Vrancea county. So, while for the lots from Vaslui and Bacau the determined daily average increase registered average values of 132 g and 156 g, the lot composed of lambs brought from the livestock units from Vrancea the indicator was of 180 g, exceeding with 12.77% the daily average of the fattened population. Also, during the entire fattening period, the lot formed by lambs from Vrancea has exceeded with 24.61% and 11.13% the total increase determined for the lots from Vaslui and Bacau.


Tigaie, meat, fattening, yield

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