Histologic Characterization of Muscles Harvested From Rabbits Flemish Giant Breed

Gabriela Frunză


The purpose of this paper is the histological characterization of some muscle groups from rabbits (Flemish Giant breed). The histological structure of the somatic muscles have a great theoretical and practical importance, since density of muscle fibers, the size of muscle fascicles, the proportion of muscle tissue and connective tissue are factors that influence a variety of sensory, physical, chemical and technological properties of meat. In Flemish Giant breed rabbits, the thickness of the muscle fibers is less studied, and this area is relatively poor. The few specific data published refers to some specialized medium breed hybrids for meat. For histological characterization we used the method of including in paraffin, after we preserve harvest muscle tissue in a solution of formalin. Therefore we followed: muscle fibber diameters, the cross-sectional area and the proportion of muscle tissue and muscle connective tissue of Longissimus dorsi muscles, Psoas muscles and Semimembranosus muscles. Following the performed determinations has been observed the highest average value for the diameter of the muscle fiber (184μ) muscle fibers area (27739μ2) and cross-sectional area (2628290μ2) for Semimembranosus muscles. In conclusion, between the muscle groups analyzed, the Psoas muscles are most tender, the fiber diameter being smallest.


connective tissue, meat, muscle tissue, rabbit.

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