A2 milk - Advantages and Challenges in the Manufacturing of Dairy Products


  • Adina-Mirela Ariton Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi, Romania
  • Andra-Sabina Neculai-Văleanu Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi, Romania
  • Ioana Poroșnicu Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi, Romania
  • Elena Ungureanu " Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iași University of Life Sciences, Romania


bovine milk, A2 milk vs A1, dairy products


A2 milk is characterized by a difference in the amino acid at position 67 of the β-casein polypeptide chain, which releases much smaller amounts of bioactive opioid peptide β-casomorphin - 7 upon digestion. Milk consumption may lead to discomfort due to the presence of A1 beta-casein protein. A2 milk is the preferable alternative for people with mild lactose intolerance or lactose sensitivity because it does not include A1 protein, which is thought to be kinder to the digestive system. The need for healthy and minimally processed dairy products, the growing awareness of dairy-related sensitivities, as well as the growing interest in organic and natural food options are some of the major reasons driving the expansion of the A2 milk market. The purpose of this review is to present the advantages and challenges of using A2 milk in the manufacturing of dairy products.


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