Bovine Colostrum Management and the Factors Influencing its Quality


  • Adina-Mirela Ariton Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi - Ungheni Alley No. 9, 707252, Iaşi, Romania
  • Andra-Sabina Neculai-Văleanu Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi - Ungheni Alley No. 9, 707252, Iaşi, Romania
  • Ciprian Radu Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi - Ungheni Alley No. 9, 707252, Iaşi, Romania
  • Ioana Porosnicu Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding Dancu, Iaşi - Ungheni Alley No. 9, 707252, Iaşi, Romania
  • Elena Ungureanu University of Life Sciences, Mihail Sadoveanu Alley No. 3, 700490 Iasi, Romania


Bovine colostrum, IgG concentration, management, quality


The mammary gland's secretion, called colostrum, is synthesized throughout the last weeks of pregnancy and the first few days following calving. It is meant to give the calf the necessary nutrients and physiologically active substances. High immunoglobulin concentration and low pathogen load define high-quality colostrum. The amount and quality of colostrum that is available and the timing of the first feeding after birth both have an impact on the level of immunity. Heifers produce substantially less colostrum than cows do, and the breed has a big impact as well.  Colostrum handling and storage techniques, as well as milking procedures are essential steps toward quality colostrum management on dairy farms. This review focuses on colostrum management, methods, and techniques for assessing colostrum quality and the factors that influence bovine colostrum quality.


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