The Effect of Specific Nutritional Feed Supplements on the Quality of Dairy Cow Products


  • Călin Julean
  • Lavinia Stef Stef
  • Ioan Pet
  • Ducu Sandu Stef
  • Ion Valer Caraba
  • Voichița Gherasim
  • Nicolae Pacală
  • Eliza Simiz
  • Igori Balta
  • Nicolae Corcionivoschi
  • Iulia Adelina Bunduruș
  • Cătălin Daniel Necula
  • Ahmad Sufyan
  • Ionela Hotea
  • Diana Ioana Marcu
  • Adela Marcu


Caș cheese, chemical composition, Telemea cheese, unsaturated fatty acids


This experimental trial explored the impact of incorporating specific nutritional feed into the diet of dairy cows and assessed their influence on the quality of products derived from the processing of raw milk. Results showed that nutritional feed changed several parameters of dairy products, such as dry matter, crude protein, crude fat, ash, and fatty acid profiles between the two groups for produced dairy products. The resulting two types of cheeses, namely Caș and Telemea, made from the milk of Experimental Group (EG) cows had a decreased content of saturated fatty acids (SFA) and an elevated content of unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) compared to the Control Group (CG), whereas the situation was the opposite. The associations of the n6:n3 ratio were lower in the Caș cheese from the EG compared to CG, while in the Telemea cheese, the observations also revealed inverted results.


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