The Home Market Effect in Agriculture


  • Marina Luminita Sarbovan Tibiscus University of Timisoara, 300558, Daliei str. 1A, Timisoara, Romania


better administration, costs, positive and negative effects


 The most debated economic paradox refers to the positive and negative effects of most of the economic activities; these antagonist sides become in business production factors because they are holding costs. The aggregated effects of human activity surpass the firm or corporate borders, becoming prices paid by consumers, or in the situation of larger social costs, burdens for the tax payers. Some polluting effects of production, consumption and services, such as global heating, the carbon-dioxide emissions, wars, epidemics, malnutrition, obesity, became lately global critical problems for all nations and international organisms. The question remains weather governors will better administrate current crisis focusing on domestic, continental or global markets mechanisms, taking in consideration their particularities.


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