New Opportunities of Valorising Animal Produce: Turning Animal Farms into Educational Agrotouristic Farms


  • Mirela Samfira Teaching Staff Training and Social Human Sciences Department, 300645, Calea Aradului, no. 119, Timişoara, România
  • Ioan Petroman Teaching Staff Training and Social Human Sciences Department, 300645, Calea Aradului, no. 119, Timişoara, România


agritainment, community development, education, farmer


Being a relatively new domain, educational agri-tourism activity involves a number of factors influencing its development: knowledge of the economic, social and cultural domain limits but in the same time accurate information about farm availability to receive children and/or people with special needs. For this paper was created a questionnaire (with 19 items) for farmers in order to find if there is availability to develop and to change their farm in a certain way - to educate new generation through the relation with animals life and care, eating natural food and being creative in the nature. This questionnaire was applied to 60 farmers from the Timiş County and the answers have shown that many of them (95%) are willing to receive person with special needs and there are farmers which think they don’t have anything to offer to develop and strengthen some certain traits in children personality and about the advantages for parents, teachers and local community.


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