Milk Urea Disappears During Milk Processing into Cheese


  • Cornelia Vintilă USAMVB, Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnology, Timisoara 300645, Calea Aradului 119, Romania
  • Adela Marcu USAMVB, Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnology, Timisoara 300645, Calea Aradului 119, Romania


Coagulation, cheese, milk urea


The purpose of this experiment was to evaluate first to what extent a well-known dose of urea added deliberately to milk can be found in the same concentration in cheese or milk whey and second how it determines the development of milk processing. Urea was added to milk in increasing amounts from 0,5 mg to 28 mg / 100 ml milk. Obtained data revealed the fact that added urea in milk can be found after coagulation as well in cheese and also in milk whey. During maturation period, urea concentration from cheese is stepwise reduced and is proportional with initial concentration. Cheese with lower content than 3 mg urea, loses this substance in the first 14 days of maturation and keeping. From our experiment we can see that presence of milk urea reduces to half the time of coagulation compared to the milk without urea.


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