Effects of Transport on Live Weight and Behavior of Lambs


  • Ioana Andronie University “Spiru Haret”, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 021127 Bucharest, Masina de Paine, 47, Romania
  • Adina Ciurea Sanitary Veterinary National Authority and Food Safety, 060603, Dudului, 37, Romania
  • Viorel Andronie University “Spiru Haret”, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 021127 Bucharest, Masina de Paine, 47, Romania
  • Dumitru Curcă USAMV Buchares, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Splaiul Independenţei, 105, Romania


behaviour, lambs, live weight, transport


The study has monitored the effects of transport stress on some biochemical indicators of stress and behavior lambs at time of slaughter. The research was carried out in the cold season, on a number of 120 lambs, transported for 6h-16h, to be slaughtered. During our research, we followed the changes in bodyweight, behaviours expressed by sheep, and plasma cortisol levels. Bodyweight loss recorded in the slaughterhouse to 24 hours of departure transportation was of 4-5%. The behavioural manifestations of lambs were different from the destination, depending on journey duration. Lambs behaviour was different depending on the journey, the resting and watering were mostly present manifestations. Increased in cortisol levels measured at 3 h after leaving the vehicle was maintained at 9 h after the journey. Increased duration of rest before slaughter can reduce the stress of transport in case of lambs ensures obtaining good quality meat.


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