Studies in the Relationship between some Morphological Characters and Jumping Parameters in Sport Horses (Part II - Oxer Fence)


  • Flavia Luminiţa Bochiș Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Timisoara, 300645, Calea Aradului, 119, Romania


morphological characters, oxer obstacle, sport horses


The multiliniar regression model introduced the variables control and estimated the contribution of every independent variable in the explication of the dependent variable variance, in a standard situation, when all independent had constant values. The taken into study independent variables were 19 morphological characters. The dependent value was represented by the entire length of the jump over an oxer fence and the bar-limbs distance in the same obstacle. The obtained value, for the multiple determination coefficients, nearby 1.00, in most of the cases in the high performance levels (B and C) showed the efficiency of the model and a good selection for the included factors. The obtained result focusing on the ensemble reports, in fact a result which can lead us to think that this kind of modeling can be applied freely to the horse height.


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Technologies Applied in Animal Husbandry