The Influence of Sheep Fertilizing and Oversowing on the Lawns of the Cindrel Mountain


  • Mariana Rusu Institute of Research –Development for Montanology, Cristian-Sibiu
  • Doina Popa Institute of Research –Development for Montanology, Cristian-Sibiu


floristic composition, grazing, sheep


Massive Cindrel natural grasslands have an estimated yield between 1.9 to 3 t / ha. Applying environmentally friendly technologies are expected to improve the yield crops by reducing to extinction the floristic composition of some species like Nardus stricta, while Festuca rubra and Agrostis tennuis percentages increase and production yield rise 2 to 2.5 times. The paper aims to increase de intake rate of the pastures during grazing the areas with sheep, following by over seeding the surfaces with simple or complex mixtures of grasses and legumes. Suggested system is unpollutant and induces protection of the prato-ecosystems from the mountain regions.


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