The Effect of Applied Organic Fertilizers on the Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Lolium Perenne, Cultivated on Fly Ash Deposits


  • Smaranda Mâşu National R & D Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND, Branch of Timisoara, 300004 Timişoara, Piata Regina Maria, 1, Romania
  • Neculai Dragomir Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, 300645, Timisoara, Calea Aradului no. 119, Romania


bioaccumulation, fly ash, Lolium perenne, organic-zeolite fertilizer


The study aims to monitor the capacity of certain organic fertilizers (volcanic tuff and municipal sludge), applied as such and mixed with volcanic rocks with a high content in clinoptilolite, to determine the covering with vegetation of fly ash deposits resulted from the combustion of lignite in thermal plants. Both biosolids (20 t/ha) and volcanic rock with high clinoptilolite content (5 t/ha) determined the installation of a vegetative layer and diminished the soil metal bioavailability to the Lolium prerenne plant biomass. When using the organic-zeolite mixture, a synergistic effect is recorded of the two components of the treatment agent and an increase of the biomass with 448%. Moreover, the resulted biomass shows the highest reductions of metal bioaccumulations, of 38-46% for Zn and Fe, of 62% for Cu and between 82-89% for Cr, Ni and Pb.


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