Histological and Morphometric Study of Lactating Mammary Glands in Sows


  • Svätoslav Hluchý Slovak University of Agriculture, 949 11 Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Slovakia
  • Norbert Bolcsó Slovak University of Agriculture, 949 11 Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Slovakia


histology, mammary glands, morphometric study, sows


This work deals with the quantitative histological morphometric description of the mammary glands of sows during the stage of lactation. As experimental animals were used White meat breed pigs (5 animals) kept in standard conditions VÚŽV in Nitra. After killing the animals we sampled mammary glands and have them processed by conventional histological and histochemical methods. Morphometric methods, we found that glandular parenchyma of mammary glands of sows consists of a  lobules width 615.28 ± 165.09 μm and length 1827.78 ± 621.43 µm. Glandular parenchyma is 64.84 ± 12.87%, from which secretory epithelial cells of the alveoli are 19.11 ± 4.58 % and alveoli lumen accounts 45.73 ± 13.01 %. Connective tissue stroma is 33.68 ± 10.45 %, of which the collagen tissue accounts for 8.31 ± 9.88% and the loose connective tissue 25.37 ± 9.61%. Adipose tissue forms in this period, only 1.48 ± 4.50%. The work was described and quantified in alveolar differentiation, the average size and frequency of individual types of alveoli and their relative volume of the walls (epithelium) and cavities (lumen), the amount of secretory epithelial cells and the nucleocytoplasmic ratio. The average size of alveoli was 131.06 ± 36.07 µm, and the size of alveoli varied from 77.69 μm to 192.25 µm. Thickness interlobular ducts was 335.00 ± 78.69 µm. The average frequency of the alveoli is 226933.08 ± 161136.27 per 1cm3 of tissue in the mammary glands. Using correlation coefficients, we describe the relationships between structural components of the mammary glands.


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