Histological and Morphometric Study of Regressive Changes in the Mammary Glands of Pigs during Regression


  • Svätoslav Hluchý Slovak University of Agriculture, 949 11 Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Slovakia
  • Norbert Bolcsó Slovak University of Agriculture, 949 11 Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Slovakia
  • Róbert Toman Slovak University of Agriculture, 949 11 Nitra, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Slovakia


histology, morphometric study, mammary glands, pigs, regression


The work deals with the histological and morphometric description of regressive changes in the mammary glands of swine after lactation. Samples of mammary glands of thoracic, abdominal and pubic udders were taken soon after they were killed. Samples were processed by histological and histochemical methods and evaluated by subjective and quantitative morphometrical methods. It was found that post-lactation increases the relative volume of connective stroma up to 75.10 ± 14.76 % of collagen in the tissue falls to 74.13 ± 14.87 % and the loose connective tissue, which was part of glandular parenchyma lobules accounts for only 0.97 ± 2.13%. Adipose tissue is 18.93 ± 14.93% of the udders volume.. Relative of glandular parenchyma fell to 5.97 ± 4.95% and mainly consists of a interlobular and lobar ducts and atrophic alveoli. Epithelium is generally in the mammary glands 4.22 ± 3.56% and lumen 1.75 ±1.81%. 1 cm3 of tissue in the mammary glands located 190745.52 tubuloalveolar structures. Alveoli reach an average size of 36.80 ± 11.57 µm. It was found relative volume of the walls (epithelium) and cavities (lumen) of each alveolus, the amount of epithelial cells and the nucleocytoplasmic ratio. The individual building components mammary glands were calculated correlation relations.


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