The Influence of some Additives to Growing Indices and Meat Quality for One Summer Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.)


  • Florin Molnar USAMV Cluj-Napoca, 400372 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Manastur Nr.3-5, România
  • Aurel Șara USAMV Cluj-Napoca, 400372 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Manastur Nr.3-5, România
  • Erol-Florian Gabor USAMV Cluj-Napoca, 400372 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Manastur Nr.3-5, România
  • Mihai Bențea USAMV Cluj-Napoca, 400372 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Manastur Nr.3-5, România


Allzyme SSF, Bio-Mos, common carp, fodder additives, SelPlex, survival rate


The aim of this research was to evaluate the use of additives in fodders for common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). The experiment was carried out for a period of 257 at the fish farm from Mărtineşti in the county Cluj. The fish ware divided in 6 groups, LM-control group and 5 experimental groups; the fodder for the experimental groups was supplemented with Allzyme SSF (L1E), Bio-Mos (L2E), Allzyme SSF and Bio-Mos (L3E), Allzyme SSF and Sel-Plex (L4E) and Allzime SSF, Bio-Mos and Sel-Plex (L5E). Each batch contained 100 fish divided as it fallows:  50 common carp from Lausitz var. and 50 common carp from Galitian var. The average weight for both varieties of common carp was 1.5 g/ specimen. The groups were distributed in 6 cages with 150 mp. The best results regarding growing indices for Galitian var. ware obtained by L4E group with medium weight (MW) of 791.73±35.05g and the survival rate (SR) of 94%, compared with LM group (MW=743.37±39.20g and SR= 88%). In the case of Lausitz var. the best MW was obtained by L1E with 908.36±34.33g compared with LM (MW= 794.66±26.61g) and the best survival rate was obtained by L4E and L5E with SR=94% compared with LM (SR= 76%). The results reveal that the supplementation of fodder for both varieties of common carp (Lausitz and Galitian var.) carp with used additives determined a better growing rate and a better survival rate.


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