The Analysis Of Tourism Activity From Bucovina Area

Ana-Mariana Dincu, Ioan Brad, Elena Pet, Remus Gherman, Gabriela Popescu


In this article, the authors analyze the tourism activity from Bucovina area. We have chosen this theme because Bucovina represents an important historical, cultural and religious center, imposing itself through monasteries and churches that have conquered both Romanian and foreign tourists. Due to the beauty of the places, the purity of the air, the waters, the mountain area, as well as the inexpensive cultural and religious heritage, Bucovina is the most attractive tourist area from Romania. There are few places from Romania, where culture, history and religion are bounded better and nicer than here. The beauty of nature, historical culture and traditions, authentic villages and friendly people, all belong to the mosaic of Bucovina.


Bucovina; tourism, tourist; tourism activity

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Institutul Naţional de Statistică, tempo online

Breviarul Statistic „Turismul României”

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