Diseases of common carp fry in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems as an effect of direct transfer from Open Aquaculture Systems

Anca Nicoleta Cordeli, Isabelle METAXA, Iulia GRECU, Lucian OPREA


In this case study, the high densities of fish in the rearing facility make an easy transfer and multiplication of specific pathogens. The limited space in which the fish are forced to live is itself a factor that overstates adaption mechanisms and can lead to the weakening of resistance to diseases.

The authors presents the main parasitosis of cyprinids registered during the first period in closed recirculating aquaculture system after the transfer from open aquaculture system. These are represented by: spring viraemia of carp, ligulosis, lernaeosis, bothriocephalosis, saprolegniosis during the experimentation period of six weeks in a closed system.

Results of this study shows the relationship between environmental factors and parasitosis development and the characteristics of the diseases registered in urban Recirculating Aquaculture Systems from epidemiology, pathology, etiology and diagnostics points of view.

In conclusion, biosecurity measures must be applied in any kind of aquaculture activity and fish health must be monitored continuously so any treatments to be appropriate and applied as efficiently as possible.


common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), biosecurity principles, fish diseases, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

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