Aspects Regarding the Analysis of Tourist Activity in Romania

Mariana Chirila, Daniel Chirila, Claudia Sîrbulescu


Tourism is an important activity for the economy of a country, and even more for Romania, which has a very attractive tourist structure. Romania has the seaside area, attractive tourist point especially the summer and mountain tourist area attractive during the whole year. Also, the areas of history and culture (Moldavian monasteries), Maramures, Oltenia, plus the Danube Delta represent attraction points for Romanian citizens, as well as for foreigners. The tourist resorts from Romania benefit from accommodation, entertainment and a network of restaurants specific to each area.

In the study we made comparisons between a number of aspects, also taking into account the seasonal character of some tourist activities, especially the coastal ones, but also comparisons with similar periods of the previous year, which are carried out under the same conditions.

A series of indicators, arrivals, overnight stays, and number of days, tourist capacity index and many other indicators reflecting tourism activity are analyzed in this article based on the study made.


number of arrivals, number of tourists, overnights, tourism

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