Morphometric Characterization of Bee Populations in the Banat-Oltenia Region

Silvia Patruica, Izabela Bucatariu, Roxana Lazar, Dorin Rachitean


This paperwork reveals the results of the morphometric measurements performed on 200 worker bees from 5 apiaries from Timiș, Caraș-Severin and Mehedinți counties. The bees studied presented a high variability of characters, with the following values: proboscis length between 4.08 mm and 6.25 mm, anterior wing length with limits of 6.29-8.86 mm, and anterior wing width of 2.02-3.01; the posterior wing length was between 4.22 mm and 6.73 mm, and posterior wing width was 1.15-2.08 mm. Femur length was between 2.95 mm and 3.75 mm; tibia length presented values of 1.70 mm – 2.25 mm, and width was 0.39-0.80 mm. Basitarsus length was between 1.14 mm and 1.90 mm, and the width was between 0.43 mm and 0.90 mm. Tarsus length of the bees belonging to the 5 apiaries was comprised between 1.11 mm and 1.64 mm.


melliferous bee, morphometric measurements, Banat-Oltenia region

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