The Effect of Essential Oils on the Bioproductive Performance of Broilers

Lavinia Ştef


The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of essential oils individually administered in broiler feed on the bioproductive performance in each growing period. The broilers were raised according to the ROSS 2014 Growth Guide in three experimental periods, namely: hatching - 10 days, 11 days-21 days, 22-35 days. The chickens were divided into 9 experimental groups, 3 replicates each and 10 chickens per replication. Oils were incorporated into compound feed on a support of sunflower oil. The offspring in the experimental T0 group received unleavened compound feed. Chickens from T1 and T2 were fed with a combined feed in which the incorporated essential oil was oregano 125 or 250 ppm in combined feed, those in T3 and T4 consumed aniseed feed at the same doses, T5 and T6 a feed combined with fennel, and those in T7 and T8 were treated with a feed mixed with the non-aryl in the same amount. In the first growth period it was found that the highest body weight was recorded at T2 (259.9 g) and also the smallest feed conversion index was recorded in this group. In the 11-21 day period T2 recorded both the highest body weight (914.80g) and the lowest feed conversion index (1.293). In the period 22-35 days, the highest body weight was recorded at T2 (2159.80) and the lowest conversion index of food at T2 (1.599). In the last growth period, namely 35-42 days, the highest body weight was recorded at T1 (2759.20) and the lowest FCR at T2 (1.948). It can be concluded that the individual administration of essential oils (Aetheroleum Origanum vulgare L.) influences the bioproductive performances of the broilers causing an improvement in them.


broiler, essential oil, growth promoters

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