The age and physiological state influence in Merino of Cluj sheep on reproductive performance

Alexandra Pădurariu, Stelian Dărăban, Vioara Mireșan


The purpose of the present study is to identify the reproductive performance of the Merino of Cluj sheep according to their age and physiological status. The sheep breeding activity of the SDE-USAMV Cluj-Napoca, under study, takes place under the conditions of the natural season of mating and is described by the structure of the entire live stock in operation, pursued for eight years. To determine the reproductive skills of sheep, the following were taken into account: sexual maturity, repetition of the sexual cycle, reproduction indices and sterility. The dynamics of breeding performance in females of Merino of Cluj, according to their age, was established by monitoring 18 breeding indexes, the most important ones being: fertility, fecundity, birth rate and abortion index. Following the calculation of reproduction indices, medium values were obtained, 96% for fertility, 92% for fecundity, 96% for birth rate and 4% for abortion index. In relation to these indices, we observe maintenance in normal values over the years of study regardless the sheep’s age and the fluctuations are thought to be due to climate change.


Merino of Cluj; physiological status; reproduction indices; sheep

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