The effect of the humic acid and herbal additive supplement on production parameters of broiler chicken

Veronika Pistová, Henrieta Arpášová, Cyril Hrnčár, Miroslava Kačániová, Peter Haščík


In this study the effect of humic acids and dietary herbal additive (clove (Syzygium aromaticum), lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) and black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) on production parameters of broiler chicken were studied.  A total of 60 Ross 308 broiler chicken were divided into 3 treatments (n=20). The control group of chickens was fed with complete feed mixtures without any additives. Chicken in treatment T1 were fed a diet containing 1% of humic acid and drank a water containing 150 mg/l of herbal additive. Chicken in treatment T2 were fed with complete feed mixture without any additives and drank a water containing 150 mg/l of herbal additive. The body weight, feed intake and feed conversion were evaluated. The results shout that the body weight was significantly higher (P≤0.05) in treatments groups compared to the control group (the order of the groups: 1796.4±188.1; 2052.9±197.9 and 2140.4±300.4 g±SD). The feed intake was in the control group 3.11 kg, in the treatment T1 3.00 kg and in the treatment T2 3.12 kg. Feed conversion for the entire fattening period was in control group 2.19 kg/kg complete feed mixture, in the treatment T1 1.83 kg/kg complete feed mixture and in the treatment T2 1.84 kg/kg complete feed mixture with no significant different (P≥0.05) compared to control group. In conclusion, supplement by humic acid and herbal additive can improve production parameters of broiler chicken.


chicken, humic acid, herbal addtitive, production parameters

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