The effect of probiotics on broiler growth and intestinal morphology when used to prevent Campylobacter jejuni colonization

Lavinia Ştef, Gabi Dumitrescu, Eliza Simiz, Ada Cean, Calin Julean, Ducu Sandu Stef, Elena Pet, Ioan Pet, Voichita Gherasim, Nicolae Corcionivoschi


The aim of this work was to establish the effect of probiotic microorganisms on growth performance and intestinal changes caused by Campylobacter jejuni colonization.In this respect, we used four probiotic microorganisms, namely: Lactobacillus paracasei JR, L. rhamnosus 15b, Y L. lactis and L. lactis FOA.The administration of probiotic microorganisms in different combinations and in different periods of growth does not significantly influence the bioproductive indices of broilers,that is,the total gain, feed intake and FCR (p>0.05). After studying the intestinal mucosa, it was concluded that the four microorganisms administered in broilers’s food determineschanges in the mucosa, inhibiting the development of Campylobacter jejuni,by the presence of smaller caliciform cells and the presence ofreduced leukocyte infiltration in the chorion of the mucosal.


probiotics, pathogenic microorganisms, broiler, intestinal mucosa, bioproductive performances

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